FMS Facility Management Services


Collaborative Partnerships help drive our success

Procuring High-quality Medical Equipment and Supplies

Our employees are well trained and educated in diagnosis and repair of hospital and rehab equipment. We provide our clients with the option to chose an ongoing service contract to cover preventative maintenance and minimise equipment issues.

Principality healthcare

A key collaborative partner with FMS is Principality Healthcare. Our exclusive wholesale supplier, they provide us with unique benefits and features for health care patients and medical practitioners. Extremely experienced and well-known innovators, they supply the high-quality products and supplies needed for FMS to efficiently manage your facility.

Principality Healthcare’s offerings are so competitive in the market mainly due to:

  • Access to exclusive products and quality brands
  • Premium products that are hard wearing
  • Excellent support network with after-sales service
  • Logistical accessibility, such as low quantity ordering

Principality Healthcare works with over 35 medical equipment distribution companies across Australia and New Zealand. With their support, we provide speedy delivery as orders are processed and sent directly to you. In addition, FMS can hold stocks in your facility and can scale inventory on demand and as required.

With an affordable suite of high-quality and exclusive products on call- many with unique features and benefits enhancing patient care and service quality- it makes FMS a leader in Facility Management for health industry.

OSOS Global Services

OSOS (Onshore Offshore) Global Services are owned and operated here in Perth, Western Australia, however the business is far from a state company. OSOS Global services partner with oil, gas and mining companies all around the world providing specialist services in Shutdowns and Maintenance; Electrical, Instrumentation, and Control Systems; and Operational and Information Technology.

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