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Family Podiatry

From ankle to toes and from skin to bones, we can help all your family. We treat babies, children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

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Born in England, raised in North Africa, trained in Canada and hailed in Australia before the pandemic, I have been blessed to experience the world and different cultures throughout my life. I completed my degree in Quebec (Canada) and NYC (USA) and I feel so fortunate because my training balances  biomechanics, imaging and surgical exposure. It gives a holistic approach to all kinds of foot and ankle conditions, and it goes from the basics of conservative measures to a referral to the appropriate specialist if needed.

I have been practising podiatry since 2012 and I treat everyone from babies to adults. My skill set ranges from treating skin (dermatological) to bones (orthopaedic) and from ankle to toes conditions. I use multiple tools to diagnose going through the history, clinical exam and prescribing imaging if needed. I firmly believe in a multidisciplinary approach where I work collaboratively with general practitioners, specialists (radiologists and surgeons), allied health practitioners like physios and OTs. I am currently doing my endorsement to be able to prescribe medicine to my patients if needed.

-Dr. Assia Abibsi, Podiatrist

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Empathy and active listening are some of our core values. By genuinely understanding our patients’ emotions, concerns, and experiences, we build trust and good rapport. This privileged connection fosters open communication and ensures accurate diagnoses for better results.


We firmly believe in the importance of a holistic approach and we place a significant emphasis on collaboration with our patients and their other health professionals. Multidisciplinary efforts are key to achieving long-lasting results.


We all want and need straightforward information about our health to make well-informed decisions. We know that clear and empathetic communication enhances patient satisfaction, compliance, and safety, ultimately improving the overall quality of care and patient outcomes.


We are committed to being our patients’ advocates. Our objective always remains the same: empowering our patients to fully understand their conditions and take charge of their journey to recovery.


Family podiatry

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